Posted 14 hours ago

There are sunsets and sunsets

Posted 1 day ago

The Getty center in LA is one of the most beautiful art spaces I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen many)

Posted 2 days ago

Sunset at Venice beach, because the freak we’ve got inside never dies.

Posted 2 days ago

"Tired of shooting Frank Gehry, tired of photography" (Valerio)

Posted 3 days ago

Today’s lunch at Yermo, Ca. 20th of April 1959

Posted 4 days ago

Happy Easter (not suitable for vegetarians)

Posted 4 days ago

Venice, Nevada. The sky is a painting.

Posted 5 days ago

Sin City. Contains nuts.

Posted 5 days ago

Paris, Nevada.

Posted 1 week ago

Kindle reading, book standing, food waste, cups hanging. It’s Jamie Oliver’s Recipease