Posted 16 hours ago

He’s selling something, not sure what thing.

Posted 1 day ago

Need to shop for a horse? They’ve got one on sale…

Posted 2 days ago

Praying for Sant Oronzo

Posted 3 days ago

If in doubt… jump

Posted 4 days ago

"Vu’ cumpra’" (racist definition courtesy of Angelino Alfano Italian Vice PM and Minister of the Interior - Home Affairs)

Posted 5 days ago

"The sun in photography is cumbersome: it forces, imposes." Henri Cartier-Bresson

Posted 6 days ago

Rientri in Italia, ed è subito anni ‘70.
(Back to Italy, and it’s the ’70s again)

Posted 1 week ago

St. Vincent will hate me for taking a pic of her taking a pic, but I couldn’t resist!

Posted 1 week ago

Remember this? It was called telephone box. Get in, drop a coin call home. It doesn’t take pics and it can’t go on Facebook either, though.

Posted 1 week ago

Reflections over a handmade pizza