Posted 3 hours ago

Then the moment arrives you can’t bear anymore to observe in silence. #gazaj26

Posted 2 days ago

The organ at King’s College Chapel. Yes, I’m a simmetry/composition freak, I know.

Posted 3 days ago

Hope you have found peace in heaven, #AmyWinehouse. 14 September 1983 - 23 July 2011

Posted 4 days ago

Sun-washed relaxed bike ride… Too late for Le Tour

Posted 5 days ago

Square, BW, low-angle. Sure watching Finding Vivian Maier yesterday got into my subconscious.

Posted 1 week ago

Marking her territory…

Posted 1 week ago

The average wedding you stumble upon in South Kensington

Posted 1 week ago

Last one of my #MartinParr wannabe attempt… It hasn’t been voted but will do the final cut because is one of my favourites.

Posted 1 week ago

Another snap from my gallery about travellers’ big day at Midsummer Fair (all shot with @carlzeisslenses)

Posted 1 week ago

The way they listen to music in Shoreditch. Summer in Spitafields - Take 3.